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PSEUDONY(ME). — LiveJournal
The only thing better than canon is crack. XD.
February 2007

Posted by kissing_off
Date: 2007-02-04 20:11
Subject: Naruto > Drabbles > Gai/Neji/Tenten/Lee, Sasu/Tsu, Kaku/Ino, Shika/Sasu, Yama/Sai, Hidan/Tobi, etc.
Security: Public
Tags:character:anko, character:deidara, character:gai, character:hidan, character:ino, character:kabuto, character:kakashi, character:kakuzo, character:lee, character:neji, character:obito, character:orochimaru, character:sai, character:sakura, character:sasuke, character:shikmaru, character:tenten, character:tobi, character:tsunade, character:yamato, drabbles, naruto
Title: A Night To Remember
Pairing: Gai/Neji/Tenten/Lee
Theme: Sake under the stars
For neverbeeneasy

Neji was glad Gai didn’t remember. And he denied the night to himself.Collapse )

Title: Her Keeper
Pairing: Sasu/Tsu
Theme: Scissors
For sekiyoku

He doesn’t recognize the dying woman at his feet.Collapse )

Title: Cut the Strings
Pairing: Kaku/Ino
Theme: String
For areku1993

Despite all her experience as a kunoichi, Ino was caught off guard.Collapse )

Title: Requiescat In Pace
Pairing: Shika/Sasu
Theme: Revenge
For olga_maximoff

Kakashi once told him that he would not be Sasuke.Collapse )

Title: Addicts
Pairing: Yama/Sai
Theme: Weekends
For payapayapapaya

After sex he found himself wide awake.Collapse )

Title: Only One CLosest
Pairing: Hidan/Tobi
Theme: Nightlight
For jiah

Does it hurt, Hidan-san?Collapse )

Title: Shot the Albatross
Characters: Anko and Neji
Theme: zip lock baggies
For snapple

As with anything, there came consequences.Collapse )

Title: Wash and Rust
Pairing: Ten/Dei
Theme: Rain
For little_yew

It came pouring from the clear sky, catching the sun it it’s decent, washing the earth, and rusting away the metallic structures of mankind.Collapse )

Title: Romantics
Pairing: Oro/Kabu
Theme: Candlelight
For darlingfox

He had never considered himself to be a romantic.Collapse )

Title: Her Turn
Pairing: Neji/Ten
Theme: weapons, cats, and birds
For snowyowl131

When she was asked about Neji, which happened often among the girls in her year, she would tell them what they could see.Collapse )

Title: End of a Fairytale
Pairing: Sasu/Saku
Theme: Blindfold
For hikari_cyhan

She imagined their reunion...Collapse )

Title: The Mediator
Pairing: ObiSakuKaka
Theme: Grass
For inquisitorial

It was her first ANBU mission and their target was two hours late.Collapse )
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Posted by kissing_off
Date: 2006-12-31 18:01
Subject: Avatar & Naruto > Drabbles > Sokka/Aang, Kaka/Sasu, Toph/Zuko, Kiba/Shino/Shika/Neji, Shika/Kank
Security: Public
Music:"Fractured" by Zeromancer
Tags:avatar, character:aang, character:kakashi, character:kankuro, character:kiba, character:neji, character:sasuke, character:shikamaru, character:shino, character:sokka, character:toph, character:zuko, drabbles, naruto
Title: Tired
Pairing: Sokka/Aang
for jessieheart

I’m sorry you couldn’t say with your father longer...Collapse )

Title: The Keeper
Pairing: Kaka/Sasu
Theme: Dinner
for a_white_rain

Their first dinner alone is on a battle worn plateau serving as their training ground...Collapse )

Title: Ninth Ring Firelight
Pairing: Toph/Zuko
for dungeonwriter

They were smart enough to keep the fire at a good distance, at least.Collapse )

Title: Saturnalia
Pairing: Kiba/Shino/Shika/Neji
for zhuanth_quortek

Neji knew he was the only sane one in the room, but then againCollapse )

Title: Diplomatic Negotiation
for pirate_core

'Not Temari, then,' the dark haired ninja says as he walks down the steps to meet the sand envoy.Collapse )
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Posted by kissing_off
Date: 2006-12-30 18:38
Subject: Naruto > Drabbles > Shika/Saku, Shika/Tema, Kank/Hina
Security: Public
Tags:character:hinata, character:sakura, character:temari, charatcer:kankuro, charatcer:shikamaru, drabble, requests
Title: Camouflage
Pairing: Shika/Saku
Theme: Hide and go seek games?
for xinda

Logically pink hair shouldn’t camouflage so well against the green and black, against the leaves.Collapse )

Title: Top
Pairing: Shika/Tema
Theme: Family Matters
for demonoflight

'My brothers,' Temari said against his chest. 'I’m never going to hear the end of this.'Collapse )

Title: Wallflower
Pairing: Kankuro/Hinata
Theme: Father (Issues)
for ew_younerd

It was a nice party, Hinata decided.Collapse )
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Posted by kissing_off
Date: 2006-08-08 21:44
Subject: Fanfiction > Naruto > ficalbum > Kabu/Sasu - "Anachronism"
Security: Public
Tags:character:kabuto, character:kakashi, character:naruto, character:sakura, character:sasuke, naruto, pairing:kabu/sasu, pairing:kaka/sasu, pairing:naru/sasu, pairing:saku/sasu
Title: Anachronism
Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: Kabuto/Sasuke (Naru/Sasu, Saku/Sasu, Kaka/Sasu)
CD & Song: Absolution, “Hysteria” by Muse
Rating: Teen.
Words: 675
Notes: Playing around with Sasuke’s characterization.

When he was younger Sasuke could close his eyes and see his brother in the bloodstained ANBU uniform...Collapse )
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Posted by kissing_off
Date: 2006-07-28 23:57
Subject: Fanfiction > Naruto > ficalbum > Kabu/Sasu - "Hopelessly"
Security: Public
Tags:character:kabuto, character:sasuke, ficalbum, pairing:?/sasu, pairing:kabu/sasu, pairing:oro/sasu
Title: Hopelessly
Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: Kabuto/Sasuke (?/Sasu, implied Oro/Sasu)
CD & Song: Absolution, “Endlessly” by Muse
Rating: Mature.
Notes: This is pretty much open for interpretation/assumption. The POV is Sasuke’s, so Kabuto’s motives are unclear. I was just playing around with the hurt/comfort cliché and the hopeless addiction it creates.

“Goodnight, Sasuke.”


There's a part of me you'll never know / The only thing I'll never showCollapse )
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Posted by kissing_off
Date: 2006-07-09 21:48
Subject: Fanfiction > Naruto > Multichapter > "Standing In The Rain" Pt.2
Security: Public
Music:"Endlessly" by Muse
Tags:character:sasuke, character:shikamaru, naruto, pairing:shika/sasu, universe:standing in the rain
Title: Standing in the Rain
Fandom: Naruto (Shikamaru/Sasuke)
Rating: Mature (NC-17, in the future)
Word Count: 2,369
Disclaimer: Naruto (and the title) are not mine. Obviously.
Warning: AU, sex, prostitution, and violence (not in that order)

[this version is unedited as of 07.09.06]

Part I: The City

Part II: The Rain

I didn’t think much of the Uchiha. I don’t really want to. It’s bad enough to be found looking for service by an old classmate, but when the classmate is a provider himself, then things just go to hell in a handbasket. It turns out to be a case of don’t ask, don’t tell. But of course, we asked. Things always get complicated from there.

The cash he left on the dashboard stayed there for two days until I decided it wasn’t worth having my window smashed in for.Collapse )
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Posted by kissing_off
Date: 2006-07-04 20:55
Subject: Fanfiction > Naruto > ficalbum claim > KabuSasu
Security: Public
Tags:character:kabuto, character:sasuke, claim, ficalbum, lyrical, pairing:kabusasu
Kabuto/Sasuke table. Currently 02/13Collapse )
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Posted by kissing_off
Date: 2006-06-27 08:55
Subject: Fanfiction > Naruto > Drabble > Sasuke (1/1)
Security: Public
Tags:character:genyumaru, character:kabuto, character:kimimaru, character:sasuke, character:soundfour, gen, genre:supernatural
Title: Golgotha
Author: kissing_off
Fandom/Pairing: Naruto (Sasuke-centric)
Word Count: 751
Summary: The former inhabitants of the Village of the Sound are vengeful and their memories are dangeriously catching up with Sasuke.

n: A place or occasion of great suffering.
n: A heap of skulls; something skull-shaped.
n: A hill near Jerusalem where Jesus was crucified.

Sasuke doesn’t believe at first but by the fifth week he’s beginning to.

He wakes up one night and there is a pale boy across his room – staring with cold green eyes.

Sasuke’s first reaction is to throw the kunai under his pillow and dive for kusanagi. But, by the time the sword is drawn and the kunai has embedded itself in the opposite wall, the room is empty. It still leaves Sasuke on edge and he pulls the katana into the bed with him, his eyes wide for the rest of the night.

Then there is the music, the soft melody of a single flute.Collapse )
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Posted by kissing_off
Date: 2006-06-25 12:24
Subject: Fanfiction > Naruto > Drabble > Lee/Sasu (1/1)
Security: Public
Tags:character:rocklee, character:sasuke, lyrical, request
For lovely mogurachan:

Title: Wonderwall
Author: kissing_off
Fandom/Pairing: Naruto (Lee/Sasu, Naru/Saku if you squint)
Word Count: 962
Notes: Lee is so HARD to write! (Hopefully this is IC.) Also: the time periods are kind of screwy, but they should be understandable... and information on the legend mentioned can be found here.

The pale pads of his fingers press against the glass...Collapse )

“Because maybe
You're gonna be the one that saves me
And after all
You're my wonderwall

“Today was gonna be the day
But they'll never throw it back to you
By now you should've somehow
Realized what you're not to do
I don't believe that anybody
Feels the way I do
About you now…”

“Wonderwall” by Oasis.
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Posted by kissing_off
Date: 2006-05-19 22:43
Subject: Fanficition > Naruto > Drabble > "Passed Over"
Security: Public
Music:"Numa Numa Lei (Extended Dance Remix)" by O-Zone
Tags:challenge, character:ino, character:naruto, crack, drabble
Title: Passed Over
Author: kissing_off
Fandom/Pairing: Naruto (Ino/Naruto, hinted Sasu/Saku)
Word Count: 190
I asked a friend of mine to name off two Naruto characters and a random word. He said Ino and Naruto, as for the word, it was "screw" (noun). Here's my rendition...


She calls him in – not because she could not fix the problem herself but because she doesn’t want to. And he smiles, and he accepts, crouching down on the floor, among the fresh cut tulips and day lilies.

“You have a very pretty shop,” he says as he sets the leg into place and hinges together the next one. Collapse )
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