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Fanfiction > Naruto > 1Sentence > Kyuubi/Sasuke - PSEUDONY(ME).
The only thing better than canon is crack. XD.
February 2007

Posted by pseudonyme (posted by kissing_off)
Date: 2006-03-05 00:02
Subject: Fanfiction > Naruto > 1Sentence > Kyuubi/Sasuke
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Tags:1sentence, character:kyuubi, character:sasuke, naruto
Written for 1sentence:

Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: Kyuubi x Uchiha Sasuke
Theme set: Alpha
Rating: Mature… for mentions of sex, violence, and slight graphics.

Notes: I know I’m insane for writing this, but the idea’s been floating around in my head for a while. I have to kill it before the plutbunnies started breeding. Not all sentences pertain to Kyuubi and Sasuke as a couple, some just document their interaction.

The sentences have been arranged into ten acts (obviously they are out of order) with five sentences each. Together they form a disjointed story, but separately they separate ideas. (There are also mentions of Naru/Sasu and, perhaps, Sasu/Naru.)

Just so no one is confused, the fist act can be anywhere from the initial Sasuke versus Naruto (at the end of the Rescue Sasuke Arc) or anywhere afterward. The story goes on from there…

Act I.

The result was catastrophic, red chakra running through the air -- thicker and bitterer than blood -- Sasuke had failed to see the change in the crimson eyes.

He (if that was what he need be called) stared into equally red eyes, the eyes of the one who broke the seal, the bonds.

Chuckling lowly, he descended upon the boy who had freed him with the death of his precious friend.

It hit him before the demon’s body collided against his equally mortal form and while he gazed frantically beyond the eyes, the sky of brightest blue was overcast and cried down in sympathy.

Lightning & Thunder
“Foolish child,” the kitsune’s voice stopped the Uchiha’s heart and drown out the sound of thunder and flashes of lightning.

Act II.

“Oi! Oba-chan! I brought you a gift,” and though Sasuke could feel the warm, human breath as the demon holding him spoke -- he knew it wasn’t fooling anyone.

Sasuke pointedly avoided the eyes of the Hokage as she fixed her own gaze of his captor, but her countenance was clearer then the sky: Welcome home Sasuke, what the hell have you done now?

When asked the response was short, final, and unexpected, “I want my reparations, human. I want the Uchiha’s last heir – I want his blood, his life. Mine, for what you took.”

Sasuke couldn’t imagine the fanged grin across the familiar face; he was reoccupied with the full meaning of the request.

He was lead through the marketplace -- a trophy and a burn to the village -- while the demon leered at the onlookers daring them to take back his compensation.

Act III.

He was running but it made no difference the demon’s speed was to great and the welling of chakra was no longer a feeling, but a visible form darting among the dark trees reminding him he could not escape.

He was caught, the wind pushed from his lungs as the demon crushed him into the ground, and stared with hungry, feral eyes; “Next time you won’t have legs left, Uchiha.”

“What the fuck do you want from me anyway?” Sasuke yelled into the sneering face and was answered in a mere portentous cackle.

“You are my compensation, for what your people have done to me -- destroyed me in this body so I will take their precious clan heir -- you are mine to do with as I please, until eternity.”

When the initial shock passed, he could barely register the feeling of a tongue lapping the blood from his lower lip until the other mouth was fully enveloping his own, attempting a savage suffocation.

Act IV.

It was strange that he wasn’t taken there, in a field of what he suspected we potatoes, instead the fox drug him back to the abandon clan compounds and said little.

When he was sure the child wouldn’t escape (because he knew he couldn’t) the fox slipped onto the main house roof and contemplated the soft feel of a mortal creature.

The moon was the same sheen as his prisoner’s skin, pale but not flawless, and he wasn’t accustom to the human feelings welling at its appearance.

It wasn’t his, the weakness that killed his vessel, it wasn’t his but now it was.

The demon stayed on the roof, lamenting his acquisitions, while the occupant of the house scrambled for a way -- there was no sleep even as the sun finally rose.

Act V.

Sasuke was sullen; despite the advantages of modern technology there was nothing in the house that could help him, let alone successfully bash the smirk off the demon’s face.

“You can’t keep me here forever,” Sasuke glowered, anger masking the sinking feeling in his stomach and shadowing his turbulent eyes as the other approached.

He didn’t see him move, but the fox was close (too close!) and a clawed hand running through the hair just above his left ear; “Would you prefer if I called you ‘Sasuke-teme?’”

“Don’t touch me!” Sasuke reeled away, eyes watching the outstretched, clawed hand as his back hit a wall, “Don’t think you can replace him! You’re not Naruto!”

“But I am human now,” the demon said closing the gap between them, intent of fulfilling the motivating force of all human ambition: his happiness, his pleasure.

Act VI.

Sasuke wasn’t accustom to the feel of another’s body, just as he felt suddenly claustrophobic at the loss of his mobility when his arms were pinned by a single, clawed hand.

They were deadly, ripping and tearing through his clothing as if it were spider web -- sending shivers down the exposed flesh and drawing small rivulets of blood.

One hand held his wrist in place, the other plus a mouth roamed his exposed body and drank away the streams of blood; the sensation churned his insides and he shuttered.

He didn’t imagine it like this, with the fingers, the hot breath on his back, and the foreign feeling inside him; it was sticky, hot, uncomfortable, rapid, and his mind refused to focus.

It slipped before he registered the repercussions of the name and he was left on the floor -- alone.

Act VII.

Tsunade stiffened at the flare of familiar chakra before the fox burst into the room, crouched on one of the chairs, and, holding a clawed hand to his heart, muttered: “He makes me hurt. Inside. I need you to fix me.”

When the fox next saw Sasuke he had cleaned himself, washed his hair, and his face was free of any sign of tears, had their been any (but he could smell the salt).

“He loved you,” the fox muttered and perched on the table facing the Uchiha – “and now I must.”

Sasuke wanted to throw his hands over his ears and yell at the top of his lungs – anything to not have heard what the demon confessed.

They had both failed to notice the ominous blooms rising from the south and by the time the demon hopped off the table and shuffled away all Sasuke could hear was the rain pouring.


He had not chased the Uchiha since the rain came; now in the smell of wet soil and new grass, he listened to the melody of kunai finding their mark.

He was sitting on the dock watching the waves and counting the seconds before the owner of he relentless chakra appeared and crouched next to him, watching the water also.

“Such naivety… to think that you are the only one suffering in this situation,” Kyuubi was chuckling without delight at Sasuke – “To be in this form, bound to humanity, it is a hell you cannot imagine.”

They stayed silent and by the time the first star appeared the fox was staring at the open moon, claws running over the top of the other’s fisted hand.

“Will you… That is to say, living without purpose, it is no life at all -- I have one more task to complete and then… Let me kill my brother, then use me to complete you soul, your purpose.”

Act IX.

“Hello. Yes, I’m fine. He’s… not here now. No. I can’t. I won’t. …It’s beyond your comprehension but it is better for the both of us. No, hostile action is not necessary. I know he won’t hurt me.”

“We’re celebrating the imminent death of our common enemy,” the demon said and thrust the box (Sasuke hopped this wasn’t an attempt at romanticism) into the other’s chest, “I heard humans like this shit, just eat it because were leaving soon.”

“You court human girls?” The demon asked once while they traveled; but Naruto’s face never was opaque and he knew exactly what the other was asking.

They found him where the sky opened to a sea of grass; three sets of red eyes, two swirling and one engulfed in red chakra -- the newly born mangekyou formed nine rotating blades of black.

Breaking the ribcage hurt, the sting of foreign chakra infused through his body, flooding the chidori red was excruciating, but the look in the similar red eyes shattered him: disappointment.

Act X.

“He knew I couldn’t do it…” blood was dripping and crusting against his hand and he felt the fox’s hand smear his brother blood across his cheek before cupping his face and kissing him.

It was simply something to remind him he was alive, not the corpse in the grass; Sasuke gave into the crimson eyes and fanged lips as the demon settled between his legs.

The human was weak, his breathing, his movements, the blood draining from his injured shoulder… Kyuubi drank it all up, savoring the flavor of his newly compliant lover.

“Where do we go from here?” he was stating the pointless again as the fox caressed the hair against the back of his neck; “We have no more purpose…” but the hand never stopped.

Sasuke was not disappointed, his pass into the heavens had long ago been tossed aside for power, and now, after his redemption, he was tossing it aside again to lay in long grass and let the demon smear his brother’s blood across his face.
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Posted by _tanglewood_
Date: 2006-03-27 21:46 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Although the concept is odd, to say the least, it worked. That Naruto's fierce emotions affected the fox after his death, i guess it does naruto justice. The whole piece gave off a 'sadness'...Gah! Not articulate. erm...I knew there wasn't going to be a happy ending and yet it still depressed me.

It's a good piece.
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Posted by kissing_off
Date: 2006-03-28 07:07 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Keyword:shika/sasu OTP *blush*
Yeah, the concept is pretty odd - but I like it that way.

I was exploring the idea of Sasuke destroying his "precious" one and "selling his soul" in order complete his one last mission - after that he really doesn't have much to live for. And Kyuubi seemed like a character willing to strike a deal with the poor guy, whether it be out of boredom or vengeance.

Given the situations they seem to work well together.

And thank you, I'm really glad to get some feedback!
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